SIS Certifications awarded ISO ISO 21001:2018 to Gyan Devi Public School

Gyan Devi Senior Secondary School

SIS Certifications would like to congratulate the recognized educational institute in Gurugram, Gyan Devi Public School. The school is affiliated with the C.B.S.E board and is committed to educating children from all walks of life within a nurturing environment that expects students to develop attributes such as excellence in all endeavors, self-discipline, creativity, responsibility, a spirit of enquiry, and a clear sense of world citizenship.

There are great benefits in complying with ISO 21001:2018 for the school itself and its learners as well as other interested parties such as parents, teachers, etc.  It brings more personalization to the learning and aligns the mission, vision, objectives, values, and actions of the educational institute. ISO 21001:2018 brings a model of improvement and promotes self-learning and life-learning opportunities.

This shows the educational institute’s commitment to education management practices and stimulates innovation as well as excellence. Ultimately, this increases the credibility of the educational institute. Last but not the least, educational firms have chances to show stakeholders their commitment to improving the educational system.