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About ISO 37001 Certification

The ISO 37001 Certification is designed to help an organization maintain & implement a proactive anti-bribery system. The standard, which replaced the British Standard 10500, provides a number of requirements that represent globally recognized good practice for anti-bribery. The standard is applicable to all type and size of organizations.

Bribery represents a serious risk & crime to businesses, with potentially significant legal & financial repercussions for individuals and organizations. Certification to ISO 37001 Certification Anti-bribery Management System supports you in establishing processes to detect, manage and prevent bribery within your organization.


Today more than ever, news of corruption scandals spreads fast and can prove devastating for companies – even the hint of bribery can seriously damage your reputation. ISO 37001 Certification acts as an effective tool to help organisations combat the risk of bribery and maintain customer trust in their product and service offerings. Your stakeholders can be assured that your organisation has implemented internationally recognised best practices for anti-bribery controls, and they can have confidence in the integrity of your internal processes.

What topics do ISO 37001 Certification Cover?

The High-Level Structure (HLS) of  ISO 37001 Standard contains 10-sections that contains guidelines for the environmental management systems:

Context of the organization
Performance Evaluation

Benefits of ISO 37001 CERTIFICATION Anti-Bribery Management Systems (ABMS)

Highlights the ability to detect fraud.
Provide confidence and trust to potential partners.
Take action against bribery for more ethical business
Increase awareness of bribery’s impacts on the organization
Demonstrate an organization’s commitment to anti-bribery practices.
Enhance an organization’s reputation and image by assuring legal compliance.
Demonstrate a benchmark of good practice in anti-bribery management systems.
Identify and manage bribery by establishing risk-based anti-bribery management systems.
Improve organizational efficiency and effectiveness in managing risks associated with bribery.

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      Management system standards such as ISO 37001 is one of the Standard which is also know as the mother of all standards needs to be understood. We at SIS Certifications are well equipped with the experts and trainers who can train you and get you to another level of understanding of the requirements of the standard.
      There are various types of ISO 37001 training which you can undergo based on your requirement of level of understanding and need of the standard.
      The training can be categorized in to Awareness training, Internal auditor training, lead auditor training and Implementation training.

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        What is ISO 37001 Certification?

        ISO 37001 Certification – Anti-Bribery Management System ( ABMS) is the Worldwide recognized ISO  standard built to address and fight against the foe of bribery and corruption. ISO 37001 Certification allows the organizations to detect & prevent bribery by adopting anti-bribery policies and measures. The scope of transparency in the organization widens with successive accomplishment of  ISO 37001 Certification. The standard serves the organizations with set of regulatory norms meant to formulate and execute self-governing measures to control bribery. It urges relationship to foresee, recognize and respond to trace-ability by constructing anti-bribery laws.

        ISO 37001 Certification for Anti Bribery Management System

        The ISO 37001 Certification consists of a set of standards that must be followed by an organization for the management of anti-bribery system in an organization. Corruption in the form of bribery is a menace especially for an organization that wants to build trust among its interested parties in order to stay relevant.

        The ISO 37001 standard has a framework that enables an organization to implement a proactive anti-bribery system. This standard was published in 2016, and it is a replacement of the British standard 10500. Since it is published by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), which is subscribed by 160+ countries, the nature of ISO 37001 Certification is truly global. This standard is applicable to all kinds of organizations- big or small, either in manufacturing or services.

        The world demands transparency and the legislations to curb bribery are becoming tighter across the world. Business associates, investors, and shareholders seek assurance regarding a stringent mechanism for bribery-prevention in an organization. Thus, getting yourself ISO 37001 certified through an external certification body can act as a proof of your sincerity in checking bribery in your organization,

        Why is ISO 37001 Certification important for your organization?

        ISO 37001 helps an organization in fulfilling its regulatory obligations for checking corruption through an efficient management system in place. It enables the organization in anticipating the reasons and areas of corruption and taking necessary actions to curb the same. It also inculcates a system of checks and balances within the organization.

        Getting an ISO certification brings a reputation to your organization and gives you a distinctive identity among your various competitors. This standard is aimed at identifying, controlling and reacting to the potential dangers from bribery.

        Which all organizations are viable for ISO 37001 Certification?

        ISO 37001 Certification is flexible in nature. This means that the standard has capacity to shape and structure anti-bribery system for the organizations irrespective of size, sector, structure, geography, or jurisdiction. It is pertinent to all small, medium, and large organizations.

        Benefits of ISO 37001 Certification (ABMS) :-

        Eradicates Malpractices
        Curbs The Problem of Bribery
        Directs In Execution of Anti-Bribery Measures
        Supplements Diligence In The Working Environment
        Widens The Viability of Existing Anti-Bribery System
        Continuous Improvement in The Functioning Procedures
        Implementing The Standard Thoroughly Help In Checking Malpractices.
        Enhances Your Capabilities to Showcase Systematic Bribe Free Functioning
        It Gives A Framework For Establishing or Upgrading An Anti-Bribery Management System In Your Organization.
        ISO Certification Can Be Used As An Evidence of Compliance To The Regulations In The Event Of Any Disputes.
        ISO 37001 Brings About A Confidence Among The Shareholders, Management, And Clients Regarding Appropriate Mechanisms To Check Bribery In Your Organization.
        The ISO 37001 Standard Follows The Same Structure As ISO 9001, ISO 14001 And ISO 45001 Certification & Can Easily Be Integrated Into Existing Management Systems.
        During The Certification Audit, our Auditors Detect Potential For Improvement And Make Recommendations To Increase The Effectiveness of Your Anti-Bribery System.

        ISO 37001 Certification Process: Here’s how it works

        When you have implemented the requirements of ISO 37001 Certification and established an effective ABMS in your organization, you might be required to invite an external certification body to conduct an audit and certify you on the basis of your conformities. The time taken for the audit is dependent upon the complexity of your system and number of staffs in your organization. It takes at least 1 day to complete the audit. Once you have received the certification, it remains valid for three years. You also obtain the right to use the GC-Mark label “Verified Anti-Bribery Management”, which you may use for the purpose of communication with the interested parties. In order to make sure that your system remains compliant, surveillance audit is conducted on a yearly basis.

        SIS Certifications – Your Partner for Certification

        If you are planning to get ISO 37001 certification and you are bothered about the hassle associated with it, worry no more! Choose SIS Certifications as your friend and relax, as our well experienced and efficient auditors comprehensively analyze your system for conformities and compliances, and certify you at the end of it. A time-bound, smooth, and ethical process, is all that we promise.

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