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    How ISO Certification is helpful for transport and Logistics?

    The Transport and Logistics industry is indeed the backbone of any economy. It is also one of the most infamous sectors when it comes to causing irreparable damage to the environment. Thus, with the help of ISO Certification for Transport and Logistics, these industries can maintain the balance between development and environmental sustainability to standardize their system and processes according to internationally recognized and accepted norms.

    Why does the Transport and Logistics Industry need ISO Certification?

    Transport and Logistics industries are those industries that involve a lot of risks. As a result, there is a high concern regarding the safety of the transport & logistics services. Only the globally approved benchmarks can assure safety management to these industries. Now, here comes the need for the ISO certification. An ISO trademark will oblige the clients that the services provided by the transport & logistics company are as per the universally acknowledged standards.
    One can really feel the ultimate need for the ISO certification at each & every stage while in the supply network. In this regard some points are listed below:

    •  Most likely, the ISO standards add to the adequacy of the functions carried in the transportation and logistics business.
    •  ISO standards help to connect custom ports with railroads.
    • The ISO Certification helps you to build a bridge to get hold of international attention.
    •  Helps you to show your commitment to customer satisfaction.
    • The ISO certification helps with offering significantly more capability in how the consignments are systematized.

     In this way, ISO certification will ultimately assist you in stepping into the global markets with no trouble at all!

    ISO Certification process for Transport & Logistics Industry

    • Application & contract 
    • Audit team Assignment 
    • Document view 
    • Certification Audit Independent review 
    • Notification of Certification
    • Surveillance audit
    • Re-Assessment

    The certification process goes further. Click here to view the next steps to ISO certification Process

    On one hand, transport and logistics industries are very crucial for the growth of any economy and on the other, they have significant impact on the environment. However, with the help of ISO certifications in transport and logistics industries, the organizations can ensure profit, environmental sustainability, and business continuity, among others –

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    Which ISO Standards are best Transport and Logistics Industry?

    The International Organization for Standardization publishes certain standards that help in implementing management systems for delivering quality products and services as well as enabling compliance to the related legislations. 

    The most required ISO standards that are appropriate for transport and logistics industries are:

    ISO 9001 Standard

    The ISO 9001 standard is a scheme for establishing Quality Management Systems (QMS) in your organization. ISO 9001 Certification ensures that the quality of your products is at par with international standards and is less prone to accidents and damages.

    ISO 14001 Standard

    By using ISO 14001 standard, you can implement an Environmental Management System (EMS) in your organization that helps in reducing the adverse impact of your activities on the environment as well as ISO 14001 Certification ensures that your products are environment friendly.

    ISO 45001 Standard

    ISO 45001 standard provides a foundation for establishing Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems (OHSMS) in your organization. ISO 45001 Certification ensures the safety and wellbeing of your manpower.

    ISO 22301 Standard

    ISO 22301 standard sets out the code for implementing Business Continuity Management Systems (BCMS) in your organization. ISO 22301 Certification guards you against any incidence of disruption to your business and reduces your downtime by ensuring rapid recovery.

    ISO 39001 Standard

    ISO 39001 standard helps in the implementation of the Road Traffic Safety Management System in your organization. ISO 39001 Certification helps in managing the risks associated with road safety and reduces the incidents of accidents and deaths.

    Benefits of ISO certification for Transport and Logistics industry

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