ISO 9001 Certification should be a properly planned decision by the top management. The Design and Implementation of ISO 9001 standard should be properly planned as the implementation leads to changes in the various parts of the management system…
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Fast growing era of Industrialization and modernization has created environment risk in different aspect. Considering Global Warming Risk, land pollution, water pollution, sound pollution, the ISO 14001:2015 focuses on decreasing of all the type of pollution…
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Food Safety implies sufficient controls on nearness of Food based hazards in nourishment at the season of its utilization. Food Safety isn’t single stage controls however is joined endeavors of all the gathering partaking in the natural way of life….
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Information is a valuable asset of any type of organization that can make or ruin your business. When ISO 27001 Information management system is well defined and developed in your organization, it helps you to operate with confidence. Information security management….
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In the time of straightforwardness, no association can stand to mess with the danger of remuneration. Financial specialists, business partners, work force and investors all should be guaranteed that the administration has endeavored to forestall gift at all dimensions…
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ISO 45001 is an international management standard which specified the requirement for occupational health and safety (OH&S). ISO 45001 Certification helps the association of proactively improve its security the executives standard, bringing about the expanded presentation….
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ISO 21001 Certification, Educational Organization Management Systems, is distributed universal standard by the International Organization for Standardization and discharged in mid 2018. It is planned give a typical administration apparatus to organizations…
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ISO 13485- QMS – Medical Devices is an international standard that defines the requirements for the Quality Management system for the manufacturers, contract services, suppliers, distributors of the medical devices.
The basis for ISO 13485 is ISO 9001 standard…
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ISO 22301 Certification exhibits the Societal Security-BCMS (Business Continuity Management System). This standard is implemented to smoothly and efficiently run the operational system of an organization. The awake of any risk, threat or natural calamity might eventually interrupt the continuity of business…
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ISO 50001- Energy Management System is the international standard which necessitates the organizations to implement and endorse viable practices for proficient use and utilization of energy. Energy Management system determines the estimations, archives, and reports, which empower associations…
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CE Marking is a Certification mark that shows similarity with well being, security, and natural confirmation guidelines for things sold inside the European Economic Area. The CE Marking Certification is likewise found on items sold outside the EEA that are made in, or intended to be sold in, the EEA…
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ISO Standards Training
ISO Standards Training

The board framework preparing projects are directed with an intend to build up a sound culture...

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Product Certifications

The world can’t continue without the help of each other. We are related with different global affirmation bodies who...

Social Accountability
Social Accountability

The present associations are persuading their providers or specialist organizations to to think about the full...

Social Accountability
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Quality shall be delivered using right resources and ethical approach. Our system is inline with ISO 9001, ISO/IEC 17021 and ISO/IEC 17025.

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