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What is safety audit?

A safety audit checks an organization’s health by conducting an in-depth and impartial review of its health and safety programs and processes. The safety audit report highlights the effectiveness of the safety programs of the organization as well as their reliability in ensuring a safe work environment.

What are the benefits of safety audits of an organization?

Although every safety audit is different as it varies from one organization to another. With safety audits, your organization can be benefited in the following ways:

  • Tracking of the effectiveness of the organization’s safety programs.
  • Compliance with regulatory and industry requirements regarding the health and safety of the organization.
  • Identification and assessment of the potential hazard and preparation of their prevention and mitigation procedures.
  • Establishment of communication and emergency procedures.
  • Comprehensive and effective safety training for the employees.
  • Alignment of safety program with the company’s goals.

Process of safety audit:

  1. Fill the application form

You will be required to fill the application form provided by us. This form will seek information about the type of your work, the size of your organization, etc.

  1. Review of the application

Our operations team will review every aspect of your organization by analyzing the information provided by you. On its basis, we will quote the best price for you

  1. Performance of the audit

One of our auditors will visit your organization and conduct documentation reviews, walkthroughs, inspections, and interviews (as and when required).

  1. Report Submission

Based on the audit, the auditor will submit a detailed report of the same.

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