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GET ISO Certification for
Anti-Bribery Management System


    Anti Bribery Management System

    Anti-Bribery Management System (ABMS) is designed to help organisations prevent, detect and answer all bribery incidents.  This standard includes all the rules & regulations and other voluntary commitments.


    Bribery is one of the major risks which is faced by all types and sizes of organisations. It can lead to losing customer’s confidence, confidential data and closure of the organisation. This is the main reason the Anti-Bribery standard is required in the organisation and its enforcement is escalating worldwide.


    Nowadays the Anti-Bribery standard includes the requirements and direction for establishing, implementing, maintaining, and improving an anti-bribery management system. This is a universal standard that applies to all types and sizes of organisation.


    ISO 37001 helps organisations to alleviate the bribery risk and it will provide a manageable business framework also this standard prevents, detects, and addresses the bribery risk and it potentially reduces the corporate costs related to bribery misconduct.

    How Adoption of ISO 37001 can be A Business Enabler

    ISO 37001 is a flexible business tool that is adapted by all sorts of organisations in all countries. To exhibit anti-bribery efforts, and to control bribery and corruption risks, it is crucial to protect an organisation’s reputation and its market value. Compliance with the ISO 37001 standard will be a key market differentiator and it will be used to minimize the risk of illegal behavior and it will showcase an organisation ethical practice. ISO 37001 certification is a valuable credential that helps in building customers’ and investors’ confidence in the organizations towards its integrity and credibility.

    Benefits of ISO 37001 Anti - Bribery Management System (ABMS)

    • Helps in taking action against bribery or corruption.


    • Helps in Identifying and managing bribery by establishing a risk-based anti-bribery management system.


    • Helps in Improving organisational efficiency and effectively manages all the risks which are associated with bribery.


    • Helps in increasing awareness towards the bribery impacts on the organisation.


    • Helps in detecting frauds.


    • Helps in enhancing organisation’s reputation and image by ensuring all legal compliances.


    • Helps in setting benchmarks of good practice in anti-bribery management systems.


    • Helps in demonstrating an organisation’s commitment to anti-bribery.


    • Helps in getting the confidence and trust of potential partners.


    • Helps in maximise financial profit and minimise financial loss.


    • Increase visibility and reputation of the company in front of society, customers, vendors, and potential investors.


    • At the time of investigation, it will provide evidence to the company, society, or court that needs to detect, react and implement and it will prevent bribery and corruption.

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