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ISO 22301 certification maps-out the significance of Security and Resilience- Business Continuity Management Systems. Also, in the highly competitive market rate, the organizations struggle being differentiated. Hereby ISO 22301 is an eminent tool for sustaining and nurturing in the market.

Certify your organization to revamp your functioning system. The ISO 22301 certification aids to structure and align your business credibility and authority resulting in an overall efficiency of the business.


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    We would love to hear from you.
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      Management system standards such as ISO 22301 is one of the Standard which is also know as the mother of all standards needs to be understood. We at SIS Certifications are well equipped with the experts and trainers who can train you and get you to another level of understanding of the requirements of the standard.
      There are various types of ISO 22301 training which you can undergo based on your requirement of level of understanding and need of the standard.
      The training can be categorized in to Awareness training, Internal auditor training, lead auditor training and Implementation training.

      We would love to hear from you.
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        ISO 22301 Certification exhibits the Societal Security-BCMS (Business Continuity Management System). This standard is implemented to smoothly and efficiently run the operational system of an organization. The awake of any risk, threat or natural calamity might eventually interrupt the continuity of business. So ISO 22301 aids to anticipate the risks and covers all the aspects for business continuity management system.
        ISO 22301 standard is not specifically for a particular kind of organization; it is pertinent to every business regardless of the size or type or nature. There are certain obligations required by an organization to fluidly run the system. However, there might be certain ramifications on the way, but this standard has ability to direct you with specific procedures to anticipate and dissolve them.


        What is ISO 22301 Certification?

        ISO 22301 is an international standard that provides a framework to develop a business continuity management plan and identify threats to the critical business functions. It helps in safeguarding the organizations against any natural disaster, pandemic outbreak, terror attack or simple theft. The purpose of ISO 22301 is to design, develop, implement, and review the organization’s Business continuity management system so as to minimize the impact of any disruptions.

        Why is ISO 22301 Standard Business Continuity Certification important?

        ISO 22301 provides guidelines for your business to stay operational even after any disruption. It makes sure that the critical business functions are still running and the organization is still able to deliver to market requirements. ISO 22301 is applicable to organizations of any size or sector. It is particularly applicable to those operating in a complex environment with frequent encounters with high risks. Getting yourself certified with ISO 22301 helps you in preventing loss of revenue as well as customers during the time of emergency.

        How ISO 22301 benefits your organization?

        ISO 22301 helps in protecting against unpredictable threats such as natural disasters, terror attacks, IT failures, and so on.
        It Provides you with the framework to assess the risks arising from your suppliers or even workforce.
        Reduces the time of recovery after an event of disruption by enabling your organization to fix the situation in a pre-determined time frame.
        It provides you with the confidence to handle any emergency through constant drills and desktop exercises.

        ISO 22301 Mandatory documents:

        Let us have a look on the mandatory documentation requirements for the Business Continuity Management System – BCMS:
        List of legal, regulatory and other requirements (clause 4.2.2) – lists the compliance requirements for your organization.
        Scope of the BCMS and explanation of exclusions (clause 4.3) – It helps you with the areas where BCMS can be implemented.
        Business continuity policy (clause 5.2) – defines main responsibilities, and the intent of the management.
        Business continuity objectives (clause 6.2) – defines measurable objectives that are to be achieved for business continuity.
        Competencies of personnel (clause 7.2) – It defines the skills and knowledge requirements.
        Business continuity plans and procedures (clause 8.4) – includes plans and procedures for disaster response, effective communication during the time of disruption, and plans for sooner recovery and restoration of business activities.
        Documented communication with interested parties (clause – These are in the form of emails or official communication with the government.
        Records of important information about the disruption, actions taken and decisions made (clause – This is in the form of minutes about the decisions as well as actions taken at the time of disruption.
        Data and results of monitoring and measurement (clause 9.1.1) – this is the evaluation on whether your BCMS met the objectives.
        Internal audit program (clause 9.2)
        Results of internal audit (clause 9.2) – normally, this is the Internal audit report.
        Results of management review (clause 9.3) – It presents the documented decisions after the audit.
        Nature of nonconformities and actions taken (clause 10.1) – This represents the gaps in the system in the form of nonconformities and provides their description.
        Results of corrective actions (clause 10.1) – This lays out the actions that have been taken to close those gaps or eliminate nonconformity.

        What is the process to get my business certified to the ISO 22301?


        •    Understand the specifications of ISO 22301 standard.
        •    Appoint an ISO 22301 Expert.
        •    Secure the support from senior management.
        1. Establish the context, scope, and objectives for your organization.
        2. Establish framework for management procedures.
        3. Assess your risks.
        4. Mitigate those risks by applying the controls.
        5. train your professionals.
        6. Review and update the required documentation.
        7. Measure, monitor, and review
        8. Perform an internal audit.
        9. Registration/certification audits
        10. Certification audit
        • At this stage, the auditor thoroughly assesses your system to check its compliance as per the standard’s requirements.
        1. Get Certified

        How much does ISO 22301 cost?

        The cost of certification depends on several factors, such as the area of operation of your business, your annual turnover and the number of employees in your organization. It also depends upon your requirement of specific industry accreditation, for example, from IOAS.

        However, with SIS Certifications, you can expect the value for your money, as we guarantee a hassle-free experience in a time-bound manner. With more than 15000 clients across over 35 countries, we stand out to be one of the best certification bodies. We take pride in our integrity. For further queries, or to apply for ISO 22301 certification, visit our website.

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