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ISO Lead Auditor Training

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The Lead Auditor Training enables you to develop the necessary expertise to perform an effective management system audit by registering yourself into widely recognized audit procedures, principles, and techniques.

What is the ISO Lead Auditor Training about?

The Lead Auditor training provides comprehensive knowledge about the relevant ISO standards. This training can be undertaken in both the concerned organization as well as certification bodies.

How is the ISO Lead Auditor Training helpful?

ISO Lead Auditor training provides guidance to the candidate to obtain knowledge and acquire skills to perform the audits as per the relevant ISO standards. This training also helps the applicant to strengthen their non-theoretical knowledge of auditing skills and become a globally recognized auditor.

Structure of the ISO Lead Auditor Training:

  • Scheme for lead auditor registration
  • Overview of the ISO Standard framework
  • Definition/types/principles of audit
  • Preparation & Planning for audit
  • Tools & Techniques for audit
  • Performance of the audit
  • Recording & Reporting Non-Conformities for audit
  • Report preparation for audit
  • Corrective Action & audit follow-up
  • Surveillance audits periodically
  • Continuous Assessment exercises & feedback for audit,
  • Syndicate & role-play exercises & feedback for audit
  • Written Examination for audit

At the very end of the training, the applicants shall get the lead auditor training certificate which will be universally traceable.

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