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SIS Certifications is NOW Eligible to Issue ISO 42001 Certification       SIS Certifications is the ONLY ISO Certification body in India which is accredited for ISO 41001 Certification by IAS.       SIS Certifications is NOW accredited by IAS for ISO 27001:2022 Certification.



    WHAT IS ISO 22301 Certification?

    ISO 22301 standard provides a framework for the establishment of Business Continuity Management Systems (BCMS) in an organization. It helps in identifying the risks to your business operations and preparing you for its prevention or mitigation. It takes into consideration risks such as cyber-attacks, data breaches, and natural disasters that may disrupt your business. Therefore, by building a BCMS on the basis of ISO 22301 standard, you can Apply ISO 22301 Certification Nigeria to ensure the resilience of your organization against any such challenges.

    The latest version of ISO 22301 was published in 2019 by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and hence, it is written as ISO 22301:2019. This revision aimed at making the standard more streamlined and practical. The organizations are required to obtain the new certification by 30 April, 2023.


    Nigeria is a home to many businesses- small and large. For a long run in the market, organizations should always have a business continuity plan. For this purpose, ISO 22301 certification in Nigeria becomes extremely important. If you are certified with ISO 22301, it gives confidence to your clients and stakeholders regarding the resilience of your business towards any disruption. It ensures the presence of appropriate backups that would minimize any loss and shorten your recovery time. This assurance helps your organization in securing trust for your systems, which brings about new business opportunities for you.


    Any business can attain the following four key benefits by implementing the Business Continuity Management System through Apply online  ISO 22301 certification Nigeria. These are:

    Compliance to the legal requirements. In present times, many countries including Nigeria have designed certain legislations that must be complied with in order to ensure business continuity so that any disruption does not cause significant harm to the economies. Therefore, with ISO 22301 certification Nigeria, you may ensure such compliance. In addition to that, many organizations look for such certifications while selecting suppliers. Hence, it also gives you a competitive edge in the market. By reducing administrative and operational effort, ISO 22301 standard sets a framework for compliance to the related rules and regulations. This also helps in reducing or preventing the associated penalties.

    Achieving a competitive edge Having an ISO 22301 certified BCMS places you in a favourable position in the market as compared to your competitors. This is because it ensures your customers about the resilience of your business against minor or major incidents and guarantees them with a smooth flow of products and services. This certification demonstrates your capabilities for maintaining business continuity, which can be helpful for you in gaining new customers and thereby, increasing your market share and profits.

    Reduce dependency. There are many instances in which the company’s operation is dependent upon an individual or a group of individuals. This causes a great amount of stress at the time of departure of those individuals. With the framework of Apply online ISO 22301, each staff can make use of business continuity practices envisaged in it. These practices include implementation of replacement solutions, documentation, etc. Therefore, the dependency on those individuals can be reduced significantly.

    Prevent large-scale damage. An event of disruption in an organization can cause devastating effects on its finances. Every minute of downtime amounts to huge costs. With the help of business continuity practices, you can secure your business against any such incidents by either preventing them from occurring or ensuring a quick recovery after the incident. This helps in cost savings for your business.


    Once you have implemented the BCMS in your organization, it becomes necessary for you to get your Management System audited in order to achieve the ISO 22301 certification. On choosing an external certification body for performance of the audits, you will first need to fill up the application form. After reviewing all the requirements of the certification, you may further proceed for audits accordingly.

    There are some mandatory steps for obtaining ISO 22301 certification. Once the formality of documentation has been taken care of, following steps should be followed to acquire the certification:

    1. Internal Audit- This is performed to ensure that all the documents are appropriate as per the standard’s requirements.
    2. Management Audit- the administration of your organization conducts a survey to understand the practical realities and decides the applicability of various clauses of the standard.
    3. Corrective activities- The above two steps give an idea about the gaps or non-conformities in your management system. After thorough analysis, certain corrective actions should be planned and executed in order to close those gaps. You must always archive the information regarding the actions that were taken to fill those gaps.

    The process of obtaining ISO 22301 certification comprises of two stages:

    1. Stage one (documentation survey) – At this stage, the auditors from the certification body of your choice will review your documentation as per the standard’s requirements. This is done to check your preparedness for the final audit.
    2. Stage two (Primary audit) – Here, the consistency between your documentation and the requirements of ISO 22301 certification are verified. This is done by thorough investigation of reports, records and company practices.

    If you are looking for ISO 22301 certification Nigeria, get in touch with SIS Certifications. With over 16000 satisfied clients from across more than 55 countries, Our team of auditors comprehensively assesses your management system and awards certificates at the end of successful completion of the audit.

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