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SIS Certifications is NOW Eligible to Issue ISO 42001 Certification       SIS Certifications is the ONLY ISO Certification body in India which is accredited for ISO 41001 Certification by IAS.       SIS Certifications is NOW accredited by IAS for ISO 27001:2022 Certification.



    Bribery is one of the biggest challenges that the world is facing today. Apart from the unfair distribution of wealth, it hampers the overall economy and cripples the nations. Therefore, countries all over the world have imposed strict regulations to check bribery and corruption. The USA, in particular, takes the incidences of corruption very seriously. Either at the individual level or at the organizational level, various norms ensure that the cases of bribery and corruption are dealt with with stringent measures. Therefore, for the organizations based out of the country, it becomes extremely important to adhere to certain standards and display the certificate of adherence. In this regard, Applying ISO 37001 Certification USA  can be extremely helpful for organizations.


    ISO 37001 is an international standard, published by the International Organization of Standardization (ISO) that helps organizations in establishing anti-bribery management systems (ABMS). Through the framework of this standard, organizations all over the world, including the USA can assess their internal processes for anti-corruption and make changes, if required.

    Corruption is a global menace. It drains out the resources of an organization and affects the economy of a nation. Therefore, by implementing the requirements of the ISO 37001 standard, the organizations in the USA can hugely benefit. In addition to that, this standard can be really helpful to tackle the cares of bribery and corruption in that sector corruption becomes a major risk factor.

    ISO 37001 standards take into consideration, several scenarios of corruption, such as:

    • Those that are directly done by the organization
    • By employees on behalf of the organization
    • Intermediaries indulging in bribery
    • Any third party of the organization that are involved in bribery

    ISO 37001 gives a framework for identifying bribery and planning various actions that would help in preventing or addressing bribery. The focus of this standard on prevention helps the organizations in mitigating the risk of bribery with respect to their own processes as well as across the value chain. This standard also promotes a culture of integrity, ethicality, and transparency within the organization and prepares it in handling any issues related to bribery.

    Although ISO 37001 Certification USA is not a mandatory requirement, it has become an integral part of the anti-bribery management of organizations in the country. Moreover, as organizations are increasingly undergoing audits, ISO 37001 Certification is becoming a credible proof of integrity.

    In modern times, with the active media sector, the news of corruption spreads like wildfire. This has devastating effects on the reputation of the organization and causes severe damage to its business. ISO 37001 Certification USA provides tools and techniques for organizations to tackle the risk of bribery and corruption and secure the trust of customers in their products and services. It also boosts the morale of the employees as it gives them the satisfaction of integrity. It assures the stakeholders of your organization that you have implemented the global standard that is recognized as the international best practices for anti-bribery controls.


    • Gives credibility and a competitive edge to your organization
      An effective anti-bribery management system ensures the transparency and integrity of your functions, causing an image boost in the market.
    • Reduce the cost of intervention
      The internal processes that regularly assess the key challenges related to bribery and corruption help in reducing or preventing costs that might be incurred as penalties for such activities.
    • Improve service and product value
      a transparent process leads to the increased value of products and services.
    • Boost your brand’s image
      the internationally recognized ISO 37001 standard against which you are certified by an independent certification body, such as SIS Certifications, helps in enhancing your reputation in the market.
    • Proof of due diligence
      ISO 37001 Certification is proof of your compliance with the anti-corruption laws of the nation. This acts as a great defense at the time of related litigation.


    SIS certifications is a certification body, accredited by both IAS-IAF and IOAS. Our team of experienced auditors thoroughly assess your process documentation and its consistency with the ISO 37001 standard. Our auditors are certified with international accreditations for performing management systems audits. This ensures the highest degree of professionalism while auditing your processes that are bound by international standards and guidelines.

    Our auditors follow a strict code of conduct that ensures the transparency of the audit process. This brings trust to your customers about the integrity of your business. On the successful completion of the audit by closing all the gaps that were identified, your organization gets awarded with ISO 37001 Certification USA, which you can display on your website, brochures, and other communication media. This acts as proof of transparency in your business. The certificate awarded by SIS Certifications is widely regarded as a symbol of quality, safety, and sustainability, as our certification process involves an endorsement by a third party that is a globally renowned organization.


    Getting ISO 37001 Certificate involves two stages. With the help of our highly skilled and experienced auditors, the certification process in your organization becomes simpler. Before the certification audit is performed, make sure that your management systems are operational and the processes are properly documented as per the standard’s requirements. The following is a step-by-step guideline for achieving ISO 37001 Certification USA.

    • Get familiar with the objectives of ISO 37001
    • Identify the gaps as per the standard’s requirements
    • Plan the corrective actions and implement them effectively
    • Document the effectiveness and compliance
    • Get started with the certification process
    • Stage 1 audit: Readiness review, which might happen on-site, depending on the rules, set by national accreditation.
    • Stage 2 audit: this happens on-site.
    • Our impartial auditors prepare a report
    • Your organization is required to implement measures to close the gaps that were identified during the audit.
    • ISO 37001 certificate is issued.
    • An annual surveillance audit is undertaken to maintain the certificate

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