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SIS Certifications is NOW Eligible to Issue ISO 42001 Certification       SIS Certifications is the ONLY ISO Certification body in India which is accredited for ISO 41001 Certification by IAS.       SIS Certifications is NOW accredited by IAS for ISO 27001:2022 Certification.

Apply Online ISO Certification in Ranipet

SIS Certifications are leading ISO Certification Body partners with our clients to gain sustainable competitive advantages in the market. Get ISO Certification online in Ranipet for your business.

    ISO Certification Services in Ranipet

    ISO standards are developed by International Organization for Standardization (ISO). It is an independent, non-government and international organization.

    Ranipet means ‘place of the queen’. It is also known as Ranipettai.  Ranipet is a suburban city in the Vellore district of Tamil Nadu and is known for its Industrial development.

    The leather industry is the lifeline of Ranipet. The State Industries Promotion Corporation of Tamil Nadu Limited (SIPCOT) promotes industrial growth and advances term loans to medium and large enterprises.

    India’s first sugar plant EID Parry was set up at Ranipet in 1842. It is one of the largest ceramic plants in South India, and it also produces fertilizers.

    Achieving an ISO Certification in Ranipet offers an organization a competitive edge in the market. ISO Certifications demonstrate that an organization complies with all the requirements and legal regulations.

    Benefits of ISO Certifications in Ranipet

    Getting ISO Certified increases your business’s credibility and helps organizations improve their operations.

    The following are the benefits of ISO certification in Ranipet:

    1. Increases customer base
      ISO standards seek to improve and maintain quality standards. It aims to meet the customer’s needs and requirements by delivering quality goods and services. It focuses on customer satisfaction which in turn helps in retaining existing customers and winning the confidence of new ones.
    2.  Access to the global market
      The international organization for standardization is an international body that maintains the standard of management systems. An ISO Certification makes the organization reliable and offers access to the global market.
    3.  Ensures quality of goods and services
      An ISO Certification guarantees good quality products and services. It helps to avoid duplication and detects shortcomings in business processes. It aims to provide products and services that meet customer and legal requirements.
    4.  Cost-effective
      ISO standards enable an organization to identify and prevent potential risks and opportunities and formulate strategies to address them accordingly. It reduces costs by eliminating undesired outcomes and provides employees with a safe and healthy workplace.
    5.  Increases employees participation
      It provides for better communication at levels of the organization and requires employees to be competent. It provides necessary training and skill to the employees to do the particular job and increases their participation.


    Recently Tamil Nadu government announced that they are about to set up a Mega footwear park in Ranipet that will boost the leather and tannery industries in the state. This project will offer 20,000 jobs and is going to benefit women significantly.

    ISO 9001 Certification in Ranipet

    ISO 9001 is a Quality Management System that exhibits the organization’s ability to consistently provide good quality products and services that meet customer and legal requirements.


    Benefits of ISO 9001 standards


    The followings are the benefits of the ISO 9001 standard in Ranipet:

    • Quality Management System in Ranipet is a hallmark of trust and credibility. It helps organizations to win new business collaborations.
    • Uses the ISO 9001 standards to display its ability to provide good quality products and services to meet customer satisfaction.
    • Assures that an organization complies with all the laws and regulations.
    • Leveraging your organization as an ISO 9001 certification in Ranipet provides a competitive edge to the organization.
    •  Improves efficiency by implementing processes and practices that aim to deliver the same quality of products and services.
    • To identify non-conformities and formulate strategies to eliminate them. It encourages an organization to continually improve its business operations.
    • Your organization uses a fact-based approach to decision-making.

    ISO 14001 Certification in Ranipet

    ISO 14001 is an Environment Management System that utilizes and redesigns your organization’s present environmental management system as per international standards.


    Benefits of ISO 14001 standards


    The followings are the benefits of the ISO 14001 standard in Ranipet:

    • ISO 14001 standard in Ranipet improves your organization’s reputation as it shows an organization’s commitment to reducing environmental impacts.
    • It requires strict compliance with laws and regulations. ISO 14001 standards guarantees that an organization does not promote any non-environment-friendly activity.
    • Many organizations are following the concept of Green Growth. An ISO 14001 standard in Ranipet guarantees that your organization follows environment-friendly practices.
    • It encourages sustainable development. An ISO 14001 standard in Ranipet demonstrates that your organization uses renewable and clean sources of energy.

    ISO 45001 Certification in Ranipet

    ISO 45001 is an Occupational Health and Safety Management System that requires an organization to set norms to ensure the safety and health of the employees and shapes the organization into proactive than reactive.


    Benefits of ISO 45001 standards


    The followings are the benefits of the ISO 45001 standard in Ranipet:

    • Helps to provide a safe and healthy environment to the employees. An ISO 45001 standard in Ranipet ensures that your organization offers all the necessary equipment to avoid workplace accidents.
    • Ensures that workers take active participation in Occupational Health and safety matters.
    • An ISO 45001 certification offers a competitive edge to your organization.
    • Lowers the cost as ISO 45001 standards reduce workplace accidents and injuries and save money.
    • To identify hazards and conduct a risk assessment to eliminate factors that can cause harm.
    • Helps to create a better image of your organization and increases the confidence of your customers and potential business partners in your organization.

    ISO 22000 Certification in Ranipet

    ISO 22000 is a food safety management system that works to implement and operate a food safety system to provide safe food products to consumers.


    Benefits of ISO 22000 standards


    The followings are the benefits of the ISO 22000 standard in Ranipet:

    • Strengthens risk management controls as ISO 22000 standards in Ranipet help your organization to manage adequate controls across all levels of the food supply chain.
    • Allows an organization to lower costs and improve revenues as it secures food safety and quality products.
    • Focuses on providing safe and healthy food products.
    • Enables your organization to monitor, identify, manage, and enhance any shortcomings and allows you to revise the system.
    • To improve the confidence of your customers and potential business partners in your products and services.
    • Your organization believes in transparency and accountability. It also demonstrates the organization’s commitment to providing safe and healthy food.

    Ranipet is a small town in the Vellore district of Tamil Nadu. An ISO Certification in Ranipet shows an organization’s commitment to providing safe and healthy products. It shows that your organization complies with all the laws and regulations.

    Ranipet is known for its industrial development, and these ISO Certifications apply to most industries, such as ISO 9001 certification, ISO 14001 certification, and ISO 45001 Certification.

    An organization has to connect to an ISO Certification body to get an ISO certificate. It is crucial to select a good and known ISO Certification body. SIS Certifications is the leading ISO Certification body in India trusted for over decades for international management system certifications.

    Why choose SIS Certifications for Applying ISO Certification: The only thing you really need to know

    SIS Certifications is basically one of the leading certifying organizations which provide international management system certification services to all types of organizations regardless of their type, size, and processes, by using all the right processes. We are accredited by accredited by both International Accreditation Services (IAS) and United Accreditation Foundation (UAF) Services.

    It will be very beneficial for your company if you choose SIS Certifications. Some of the primary benefits are noted below:

    • SIS Certifications can certify all types of organizations regardless of their type, size, and processes.
    • If you choose SIS Cert then you are guaranteed to get direct certificates of the required standards as there is no involvement of a middleman in the procedures.
    • SIS Certifications is the only certifying body that focuses on each and every client with utmost importance.
    • SIS Certifications always use all the right resources to certify any organization.
    • SIS Certifications does not follow biases in their certification process, all the clients are treated equally whether it’s a well-established business or not.
    • To know more about SIS Certifications – Click Here

    3 Steps to Certification


    With the help of SIS Certifications, the certification process can take as little as 40 days to complete

    Gap Analysis

    • Understand the prerequisites of ISO standards by analyzing each clause thoroughly.
    • Analyze your system for any shortcomings.
    • You may take help from any ISO consultant to get you through this stage.


    • Prepare the required documents, records, and policies
    • Perform internal audits and management review to understand gaps and practical realties
    • Perform corrective actions to confirm conformities


    • Fill the application form provided by the certification body
    • Invite the auditors from certification body for audit and certification
    • Get your management system ISO certified.

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    Join one of the India’s leading ISO certification bodies for a straightforward and cost-effective route to ISO Certifications.