SIS Certifications awarded ISO 9001:2015, ISO 22000:2018, HACCP to Gourmer Services Pvt. Ltd.

Gourmer Services Pvt Ltd

Congratulations to GOURMER SERVICES PVT. LTD. for successfully achieving IAS-accredited ISO 9001:2015, ISO 22000:2018, and HACCP for their manufacturing and supply of Bakery & Confectionery items. Now they have manifested assurance towards Quality Management Systems (QMS) and Food Safety Management systems(FSMS).

The scope of GOURMER SERVICES PVT. LTD. Consists of “Manufacturing and Supply of Bakery & Confectionery Items and Catering Services”

ISO 9001:2015 is important for any organization that wants to implement a quality management system (QMS). For Gourmer Services Pvt. Ltd., implementing ISO 9001:2015 can help to ensure that the organization consistently meets customer needs and requirements, and enhanced customer satisfaction. It can also help to improve internal processes and increase operational efficiency, leading to better profitability and growth.

ISO 22000:2018 focuses on food safety management systems (FSMS) and can be particularly important for Gourmer Services Pvt. Ltd., which deals with manufacturing & supply of food products. Implementing ISO 22000:2018 can help the organization identify and control food safety hazards, and ensure that food products are safe for consumption.


This can help to enhance customer confidence in the organization’s products and services and reduce the risk of legal or financial consequences due to food safety issues. Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) help organizations identify potential hazards and implement preventive measures to control them. Implementing HACCP can help Gourmet Services Pvt. Ltd. to identify potential food safety hazards and ensure that appropriate controls are in place to prevent them. This can help to reduce the risk of foodborne illnesses and improve the overall safety of the organization’s food products.

The certification audit was done by our lead auditor, Mr T.K. Sinha supported by auditor, Mr Praveen Kumar. The audit experience as described by them was competent and optimistic. It was compulsive with mutual cooperation and provided valuable insights into the effectiveness of their internal processes.

There are various other ISO standards that can be applied for enhanced credibility. These include ISO 14001 for environmental management, ISO 45001 for occupational health & safety management and so on.


SIS Certifications, which certified the GOURMER SERVICES PVT. LTD. is accredited by both International Accreditation Services (IAS-IAF) and International Organization for Accreditation Services (IOAS). Several certifications, including and not limited to ISO 21001 certificationsISO 37001 certificationsISO 41001 certifications,  ISO 22000 certificationsISO 22301 certificationsISO 13485 certifications, ISO 27701 certifications, ISO 45001 certifications,  ISO 9001 certificationsISO 14001 certificationsISO 27001 certificationsISO 50001 certifications, SOC, VAPT, CMMI Level 3, CMMI Level 5, GDPR, SOC 2 Type 2, CMMI, CE Mark, RoHS, KOSHER, HALAL, HACCP,  IATF 16949, Product certifications, and training comes under the aegis of its services.