SIS Certifications declares Manglam Polymers ISO 9001:2015 Certified

Manglam Polymers

Congratulations to “Manglam Polymers” for successfully achieving the IAS-accredited ISO 9001:2015 certification for better quality of its products and services. It gives SIS Certifications great pleasure to present you with the ISO certification that will increase public confidence in your company.

The scope of the organization covers the Manufacture and Supply of P.V.C Compound, Sleeve, and Protectors.

“Manglam Polymers” has been awarded the ISO 9001:2015 accreditation, which demonstrates the company’s commitment to achieving and sustaining excellence in product quality. Certifications to the ISO 9001:2015 standard provide evidence that a company complies with all the standards designed to assist it. Customers will appreciate the value of working with a company that has achieved ISO 9001:2015 certification. A business may gain credibility and recognition on a worldwide scale by demonstrating that its goods and services meet ISO 9001 requirements. By using ISO 9001’s credibility, the organization may increase its chances of winning bids and contracts, and by boosting productivity, can increase customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Our lead auditor, Mr. Shivam Gupta, shares views about the certification experience as “Outstanding, Competent, and Constantly Developing.” As per him, “The fact that I was able to finish the audit in the allotted time limit brings me great joy. Thanks to the staff’s helpfulness and good nature, the audit went over without a hitch.”

Credibility can be further bolstered by a variety of other ISO standards. Among them ISO 14001 for Environmental Management System and ISO 45001 for Occupational Health & Safety Management System, among many others.


SIS CERTIFICATIONS, which certified “Manglam Polymers, Rajasthan, India” for strengthening the quality of its products, is accredited by both International Accreditation Services (IAS) and International Organization for Accreditation Services (IOAS).  Several certifications, including and not limited to ISO 9001ISO 14001ISO 22301ISO 21001ISO 37001ISO 41001ISO 45001ISO 50001ISO 13485ISO 22000HACCPISO 27001IATF 16949CERoHSKOSHERHALALProduct Certifications, and training comes under the aegis of its services.