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ISO 17021 Certification

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SIS Certifications is NOW Eligible to Issue ISO 42001 Certification       SIS Certifications is the ONLY ISO Certification body in India which is accredited for ISO 41001 Certification by IAS.       SIS Certifications is NOW accredited by IAS for ISO 27001:2022 Certification.

ISO/IEC 17021-1:2015 Conformity Assessment- Requirements for Certification bodies, ensuring audit and certification of management system carried out in a competent, consistent, and impartial manner.

What is the ISO 17021 Standard?

  • The ISO 17021 standard is an international standard that sets out requirements for certification bodies (CBs) ensuring that your management of the system certification process is relevant, constant and impartially executed.
  • The International Standard outlines a set of requirements to audit management systems at a generic level, to provide a reliable assessment of compliance with the applicable certificate requirements, carried out by a competent audit team, carried out by a competent audit team, with sufficient resources and following a coherent process, to achieve a consistent result.
  • The standard provides generic requirements for CBs to perform audits and ISO certification in quality management, environmental management, and other forms of management systems.

Please Note: No Certification Body can provide ISO 17021 certification to any organization except CBs. Because this ‌standard is only provided by the Accreditation Body to the Certification Bodies, in order to perform management system audits and certification processes.

Our compliance with ISO/IEC 17021 standard:

“SIS CERTIFICATIONS” is accredited by very renowned accreditation boards: the International Organization for Accreditation Services (IOAS) and the International Accreditation Services (IAS), which is a member of the International Accreditation Forum (IAF), against the ISO/IEC 17021 for various management system standards.

As a result, we feel proud that we are accredited under the ISO/IEC 17021 standard for the provision of different ISO certification services that will help you enhance your productivity, efficiency, profit, competition, with the internationally recognized management system certifications.

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What is ISO 17021?

ISO 17021 provides principles and requirements for the competence, consistency, and impartiality of the bodies responsible for the verification and certification of many management systems.

Who can be Certified ISO 17021-1:2015?

  1.    Certifying Authority.
  2.    Certification Institution.
  3.    Certification organisation.
  4.    Survey Body

Who can grant such accreditation?

  1. International Accreditation Service (IAS)
  2. International Organisation for Accreditation Services (IOAS)

What is the purpose of the standard?

ISO/IEC 17021 is a standard that has assessed certifying bodies to ensure that they are competent and compliant with many management systems. These organizations are commonly referred to as Certification Bodies (CB) or registrars.

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