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ISO 27701 Certification Nigeria

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SIS Certifications is NOW Eligible to Issue ISO 42001 Certification       SIS Certifications is the ONLY ISO Certification body in India which is accredited for ISO 41001 Certification by IAS.       SIS Certifications is NOW accredited by IAS for ISO 27001:2022 Certification.



    What is ISO 27701 Certification

    The newly published ISO 27701 Standard is a Data Privacy extension to ISO 27001. This new information security standard offers guidance for organizations seeking to implement systems to support conformity with GDPR and other data privacy regulations. ISO 27701, also known as Privacy Information Management System (PIMS, sets out a framework for PII (Personally Identifiable Information) Controllers or Regulators and PII Processors in order to deal with data privacy. We often ISO 27701 Certification Nigeria refer to privacy information management systems as personal information management systems.

    Who should use ISO/IEC 27701?

    ISO has specially designed the ISO 27701 certification for data controllers and data processors. It is very relevant to this area and is most helpful when used by professionals in those specific areas. For example, information technology companies or other companies that deal with information are the principal sources of this ISO standard.

    What are the benefits of ISO 27701 Certification in Nigeria

    ISO 27701 Certification in Nigeria guides organizations on policies and procedures that should be implemented to meet the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and other data protection/privacy regulations or legislation.

    The primary benefits of ISO/IEC 27701 Certification in Nigeria are as below:

    • Strengthens confidence in the management of personal data.
    • Ensures transparency amongst stakeholders.
    • Facilitates successful commercial agreements.
    • Provides clarity on roles and responsibilities.
    • Supports conformity with personal data protection regulations.
    • Minimizes complexity by integrating into the ISO/IEC 27001 information security standard.

    How is ISO 27701 certification in Nigeria helpful for your organization?

    This certification can be helpful for organizations in Nigeria are:

    • Win new business and enhance your competitive advantage.

    Besides ISO 27001 certification, you can show good safety practices, enhancing working relationships and keeping existing customers, but it also gives you a proven marketing advantage compared to your competitors, which puts you beside Google, Microsoft, and Amazon.

    • Avoid monetary penalties and losses associated with data violations.

    According to Ponemon, the global average cost of a data violation has risen sharply to $3.86 million (a 6.4% increase from 2017). As a recognized global benchmark for the effective management of information resources, ISO 27001 helps organizations avoid the potentially devastating financial losses caused by data violations.

    • Safeguard and improve your reputation.

    The volume and strength of cyberattacks are growing each day. Financial and reputational damage from an ineffective data security position can be devastating. Implementing an ISO 27001 certified ISMS helps protect your organization against such threats and shows that you have taken the steps to protect your company.

    • Adhere to commercial, legal, and regulatory requirements.

    This standard ensures that adequate and proportionate security controls safeguard inputs under rigid regulatory requirements, such as the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the Network and Information System Security Directive (transposed to UK legislation as the NIS Regulation.)

    • Enhance structure and concentration.

    When a business grows rapidly, it does not take much time before there is confusion about who handles material assets. The Standard helps you to become more productive by clearly defining your responsibilities in relation to privacy risks.

    • Minimize the need for frequent audits.

    ISO 27001 certification provides a globally accepted sign of safety effectiveness, eliminating the need for repeated client audits, reducing external client audit days.

    • Get an independent opinion on your safety stance.

    Certification, under ISO 27001, includes regular reviews and internal WSIS audits to ensure continuous improvement. In addition, an external auditor will review the ISMS at specified intervals to determine whether the controls are functioning as intended. This independent evaluation provides an expert opinion on the proper functioning of the ISMS and the level of security required to protect the input in the organization.

    Which type of industry can implement ISO 27701 certification?

    ISO/IEC 27701 applies to all types and sizes of organizations, including public and private enterprises, governmental entities, and non-profit organizations. It renders guidance to organizations that handle PII within ISO 27001 for Information Security Management System (ISMS), in particular:

    • PII controllers (including joint PII Regulators)
    • PII processors

    How to get ISO 27701 certification?

    If you are already ISO 27001 certified, you find that applying information risk management principles to personal information is quite simple. 

    The standards require ISO 27001 accredited organizations to include privacy management. This means reviewing the context analysis, risk assessment, and environmental control of the organization to ensure that privacy management is integrated.

    The system for managing personal information must then be documented. Organizations less confident in their compliance with the GDPR will find ISO 27701 certification particularly useful, as it contains specific recommendations on how to comply with the regulations. We can evaluate your conformity to ISO 27701, besides your ISO 27001 assessment.

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