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What is ISO 50001?

ISO 50001 is an international standard published by the International Organization for Standardization that aims at providing a framework for establishing the best practices for energy management in an organization. With the help of ISO 50001 Certification Saudi Arabia, you can monitor, measure, manage and maintain the energy performance of your organization. It helps inappropriate utilization of resources and reduction in wastages. Along with preventing the adverse effect of business operations on the environment, ISO 50001 also enables the cost reduction that is related to energy consumption in an organization. Apply ISO 50001 Certification online, call our experts today!

Organizations can establish systems and processes with the help of ISO 50001 that aim at improving the energy performance of an organization by way of managing energy usage, consumption, and efficiency. An Energy Management System (EnMS) that includes processes, metrics, and responsibilities for achieving energy goals can be constructed with the help of the ISO 50001 standard. This globally recognized standard enables the establishment of EnMS that follows the international best practices and overlooks the aspects of energy consumption and its monitoring.

ISO 50001 standard mentions the requirements of maintaining records, reports, documentation, and procurement and equipment design processes that are applicable for energy management. This standard provides a framework that can be used by the organizations in framing policies for improving the energy efficiency as well as setting targets for meeting energy goals. Therefore, ISO 50001 helps in the overall decision-making process. Organizations can constantly monitor the performance of their energy initiatives and review the effectiveness of the policies. This helps in working towards the continual improvement of the management system.

Even though ISO 50001 certification is not a mandatory requirement, achieving it comes with a number of associated benefits for an organization. Apply Online ISO 50001 certification in Riyadh, you can demonstrate the presence of an effective EnMS in your organization to the external parties.


  • By making you energy efficient, it demonstrates your concern for the environment.
  • It can be applicable to all types of organizations, regardless of their size or sector of operation.
  • Your organization can achieve ecological goals by fulfilling he standard’s requirements. This helps in boosting your image in the market.
  • ISO 50001 helps in reducing the impact of your business activities on environment by encouraging those practices that limit CO2 emissions, such as reduction in the consumption of raw materials and natural resources or their effective utilization.
  • ISO 50001 certification helps you in becoming compliant with several environmental laws.
  • An ISO 50001 Certification Saudi Arabia reduces the cost of insurance premiums, enabling in lot of savings that can be utilized in investments and business growth.
  • It helps in building awareness among your employees regarding their responsibilities towards the environment.


The latest version of ISO 50001 enables the organizations in planning appropriate actions by providing them a framework for identifying risks and opportunities that can affect their EnMS.

  • By effective tracing and assessment, probable consequences of risk and opportunities can be identified. This helps in avoidance of any such risks.
  • In similar ways, favourable conditions can be identified that could result in potential benefits.
  • This energy review provision of ISO 50001:2018 is otherwise called as SWOT analysis in general terms.


The deadline for transition from ISO 50001:2011 to ISO 50001:2018, as stated by International Accreditation Forum (IAF), is three years from the date on which this standard was released.

So, it’s about time that you began preparing for the transition to make sure a smooth ISO certification process. However, due to Covid-19 pandemic, this deadline has been further extended.


Prepare a contractual agreement with your certification body

The contract that you prepare with your certification body should include yours as well as the registrar’s rights and obligations. Terms related to liability issues, access rights, and confidential clauses should also be included in the contract.

Documentation Review

The auditors from the certification body of your choice will review your documentation that you were required to prepare at all stages of implementation of ISO 50001 standard. By verifying your current practices against your documentation, the auditors will identify non-conformities.

Prepare a corrective action plan

On the basis of above identified gaps, you must prepare a corrective action plan that aims at fulfilling those gaps. This can be achieved through training of your employees for better adoption and implementation of the standard’s requirements.

Initial Certification Audit

The initial certification audit comprises of two stages:

Stage one (documentation survey) – At this stage, the auditors from certification body check for your preparedness for the final audit. They will review your documentation and verify if they meet the requirements of ISO 50001 Certification.

Stage two (Primary audit) – A thorough investigation of reports, records and company practices verifies the efficiency of your management system in meeting the requirements of ISO 50001 certification

Completing the ISO Certification

On fulfilling the gaps or non-conformities and addressing all the findings from the audits, as mentioned in the audit reports, the auditor will grant you ISO 50001 certification.

Surveillance Audits

Surveillance audits are conducted every year to verify the efficiency and consistency of your Energy Management System as per the requirements of ISO 50001 certification.

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