Best ISO Certification Bodies in India

Best ISO Certification Bodies in India

ISO certification means the seal, which is approved by an external organization by which a company complies with one of the internationally recognized ISO management systems. In addition, this certificate can be used to bid on a company as proof of a company’s credibility but also inspires a prospect’s confidence that the promises will be kept. This blog relies on ISO certifying bodies.

By ISO certification body, we refer to a competent registrar authorized to issue a management system following an audit.

This is the assignment of credentials to individuals who meet specific proficiency requirements related to a particular occupation, occupation, job, or part of a job. Identifying the best ISO certification body is really a very difficult task, being a person or an organisation. A certifying body can only be declared an officer if it meets the following requirements:

  1. Achieve a 100% success rate upon project completion.
  2. Have competent auditors within the organization.
  3. Have verifiers in all areas of the industry.
  4. Audits are best practices in the industry.

Some of India's top ISO Certification Organizations

  • Bureau Veritas
  • TuvSud
  • SIS Certifications
  • BSI
  • Tuv Nord
  • TuvRheinland
  • Intertek

How should an ISO certification body be selected in India?

  • Undoubtedly, price is the primary criterion and you should ask a few certification bodies for their proposals and reflect on what should be done and what should not be done.  However, price is not the only thing we should be looking for, we should also be looking at other things:


If you are using your ISO for commercialization purposes, then do not obtain it from an organization that is known to give them without any criteria. It would be best to select a certifying body with a strong reputation.


  • Here, the point is to think whether someone can give you a piece of paper saying that you are ISO 27001 certified or any other type of standard, but no one is certified (authorized) to do so.Therefore, you have to verify that this certification body has accreditation, that is to say that it has the licence of the local governmental body in your country.


If you’re owned by a bank, then it’s not a great idea to have a certification body that has, so far, only certified manufacturing companies. In some cases, this auditor may have a great deal of experience in business continuity, but if he has only audited the manufacturing companies at the present time, you will waste too much time explaining to him the functioning of the bank. In the end, as a consequence, he will learn a lot from you will be from him.

Integrated Audit

Maybe you began with ISO 27701, but if you intend to apply the ISO 22301 standard, ISO 9001, ISO/IEC 27001 standards etc. allow you to ask your body to conduct a comprehensive audit.

Ultimately, that means you won’t have to do separate audits for each system, but you can do one audit for all of those systems together. From there, you will not only save time, but you will need to pay less.


If in case, the body has to fly in the auditor from any other continent, then it will be very difficult for you to change the date of the audit. As all travel preparations have already been made.


If needed, the organization may provide a translator. On the other hand, the audit will be a lot better if the auditor speaks English. It will read all your material much more easily and you can develop a better relationship with it when there is no language barrier.

Advantages of selecting an accredited ISO certification organization

Here are some advantages of choosing an accredited ISO certification body :-

  • This gives you the confidence to obtain a service that satisfies your requirements.
  • A chance to win a new business because the use of accredited conformity assessment services is increasingly required by prescribers in both the public and private sectors;
  • Through accredited ISO certification bodies, you can access international markets because the certificates they issue are recognized and accepted worldwide.
  • It helps to identify best practices as the certifying body needs to have appropriate knowledge of your industry. 
  • It controls costs through knowledge transfer, as accredited bodies can be an effective source of impartial advice.
  • It also provides market differentiation and leadership in demonstrating credible evidence of good practice for others. 
  • He also exercises due diligence in the case of legal action.
  • Last but not least, it reduces red tape and increases efficiency by reducing your company’s need for a re-audit.

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