How to check the Validity of ISO Certificate Online

How to check the validity of ISO Certificate Online?


ISO certification benefits all organizations regardless of their size, whether large or small. ISO represents the International Organization for Standardization, a nongovernmental organization that develops standards for products and services’ quality, safety, and effectiveness. Thus, ISO is a significant accomplishment for each company. The International Organization for Standardization is a worldwide organization responsible for establishing various global quality management standards. If you are looking for how to check the validity of ISO certificates online, then you are at the right place. Visit Us. It includes standards bodies representing different countries that design and publishes a broad range of exclusive, industrial and commercial standards. ISO standards cover everything from healthcare to technology, manufacturing, safety and the environment. The ISO plays a significant role in facilitating world trade by establishing common standards.


The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) sets various commodities and services standards. To receive an ISO certificate in India, the certification body must first be certified by the national accreditation body and subsequently certified by the IAF. An organization seeking ISO must follow the standards it has established. Therefore, an organization frequently calls upon an ISO expert to review its compliance with ISO standards. If a company complies, the verifier issues an ISO certificate; otherwise, the company has time to fill the gaps by becoming compliant before issuing a certificate. Service providers can manufacture ISO to offset costs associated with obtaining an authentic ISO certificate. As a result, many customers are interested in knowing whether or not their supplier has an authentic ISO certificate. In addition, sometimes, companies must verify their authenticity to determine renewal requirements.


  • Go to the IAF website and select IAF Members and Signers from the drop-down menu.
  • Choose the right nation to find that which you are looking for. A new page is displayed with information on the national accrediting organization. Where the identity of the accreditation body on the ISO certificate is not on the list of accreditation bodies in that country, the ISO certificate shall be void and of no effect. 
  • In addition, verification by the certification body that issued the certificate may be conducted on the accreditation body’s website. If the names are not listed on the accreditation body’s website, it is not certified, making the certificate illegitimate
  • If the name of the certified organization appears on the website, this means that the organization is authorized. However, the accreditation body’s Web site may also be used to verify the certificate’s authenticity.
  •   If the accreditation authority has no official documents, they may be sent by post to determine the authenticity of the ISO certificate.
  • If there is no online database or Accreditation Committee response, please e-mail [email protected] and [email protected].
  • In conclusion, Given the numerous instances of ISO certificate forgery, it is essential to verify the validity of an ISO certification.


Certification can be a helpful tool for adding credibility, demonstrating that your product or service meets your customers’ expectations. Some sectors have legal or contractual requirements. ISO itself is not responsible for issuing certificates; it has only prescribed those international standards. External bodies exist to carry out ISO audits and issue certificates to organizations.


  • IAF- The International Accreditation Forum (IAF) is the highest-ranking accreditation organization. The IAF is the worldwide association of conformity assessment accreditation bodies and other bodies involved in evaluating standards. The main objective of this organization is to develop a compliance assessment program around the world so that consumers can rely on accredited certificates.
  • Accreditation Board- Secondly, the hierarchy is subject to the accreditation board, specific to each country. Each country has its accreditation board. In India, it is referred to as the National Accreditation Board for Certification Bodies (NABCB).
  • Certification Bodies- The certification bodies responsible for issuing standards certificates to enterprises and organizations exist at the last level of the hierarchy. Such bodies shall be members of their national accreditation committees.


There may be times when companies have to verify that their ISO certificates are valid. Sometimes a service provider will falsify a certificate to avoid the costs associated with obtaining ISO. The certification process works because ISO issues some standards for goods and services. An organization seeking ISO 9001 or ISO/IEC 27001 Certificate must meet these standards. According to this, the company or organization hires a company that evaluates whether the organization complies with ISO standards.


The first step when assessing a potential supplier based on its ISO 9001 certification is to request that they give you a copy of the actual certificate. Once you have it, you can carry out the following verifications-

  1. Only registrars have the authority to issue ISO 9001 certificates. An organization is not allowed to issue a certificate itself.
  2. Find out who the accreditation organization is. If you see a stamp from an accreditation organization, you can find out if that accreditation organization is a member of the International Accreditation Forum (IAF). If an accreditation body is not stamped on the certificate, you should be suspicious about whether the registrar is competent to verify. A registrar may choose not to apply for certification, but this may or may not indicate their capacity and competence.