Don’t be discouraged by the number of ISO 9001 procedures, because not all of them apply to your business or are mandatory. The 2008 edition included 6 mandatory policies necessary to get the certification. That’s not happening anymore. The 2015 version – ISO 9001:2015 has brought about some changes, so it is important to be aware of the things that are mandatory in this revision.

The 2015 edition offers much more flexibility in terms of documentation requirements. We review the ‌reports stated in the standard that are mandatory for your organization to achieve ISO certification.

We, therefore, present the ISO 9001:2015 mandatory documentation list. Besides the required documents, you will find the most commonly used paper for the application of the Quality Management System.

List of Documentation required to become ISO 9001 Certification

Here are the documents you must submit if you want to comply with ISO 9001 Certification Quality Management System

Please note: Certain papers will not be mandatory if the company does not carry out the relevant processes.


1 Quality Manual
2 List of Internal & External Issues
 3  List of interested parties and their requirements
Documented Scope
Sequence & Interaction Chart and Process Flow Diagram
Quality Policy
Organization Roles, Responsibility & Authority and KPIs
Risk & Opportunities
Legal Register
10 Quality Objectives
11  List of Resource & People
12  Competence, Training and Awareness records
13 List of Monitoring & Measuring Resources
14 Calibration Document
15 Maintenance & Breakdown Records
16 Document for Organization Knowledge
17 Control of papers and Records
18 Procurement & their Record
19 Competence, training and awareness
20 Design and Development & their Records
21 Steps for control of externally provided processes, products and services (outsourced processes)
22 Procedure for production and service provision
23 Product & Service Specification
24 Procedure for Review of the requirements for products and services
25 Changes to requirements for products and services
26 Procedure for property belonging to customers or external providers
27 Control of changes
28 Procedure for internal audit
29 Management review
30 Operation Planning & Control for each department
31 Procedure for Compliance Obligation
32 Customer enquiries, contracts, orders, feedback & complaints
33 Criteria for evaluation and selection of suppliers
34 Identification & Traceability Record
35 Non-conformance & Corrective Action Record
36 Internal Audit Record
37 Management Review Record
38 Sales Order & Purchase Order

These are the mandatory clauses that require you to provide documentation and reports in order to become ISO 9001 certified. Your reports will come in a variety of forms, such as spreadsheets, charts, videos and written content. The ISO 9001:2015 mandatory documentation list asks you to have a system that controls your records. We note that retention policies will be needed to establish the retention period for records.