Why Food Safety Certification is Important in Poland ?

Why Food Safety Certification is Important in Poland

Nowadays health, hygiene and regulations are the one of the most important concerns of every individual because everyone wants to stay healthier and fit. To fulfil all the needs of the people, the food management systems are certified through various international certification bodies. The food safety standard focuses and addresses main requirements like safety, quality, legality and integrity of the food products.

Mainly food safety certification is the third party verification. In this verification the third party verifies the product and system in the food supply chain and they will verify whether the implemented system will meet the standards of the food safety standards as per Polish Norms. This verification is different from the other systems conformity. The food industry is one of the industries that need to be very conscious about the safety and quality of the food because they have to meet up the needs of the people, so that their health should not be affected.

In the food safety certification attests that the food product complies with the safety, and other predefined standards of the food management system.  The food organisation can be certified according to the standards  and the food safety certification. These standards give a kind of confidence in the organisation that the organisation has obeyed the food management system with all the products, services, activities, processes and Food Safety Standards as per Polish Norms

All the food organisations can be certified by a food safety certification according to its size. An organisation has to exhibit its ability to control and meet all the peril related to food safety. So that they can make safe food at the time of human consumption.

The food management system sets some factors and accordingly they give the food safety certifications to the food organisation. Factors comes under the food safety certification:

  • Proper cleansing and sanitisation of the equipment, utensils and area .
  • Personal Hygiene
  • Usage of safe water and raw material.
  • Prevention from contamination of the food
  • Storage, preparation and cooking food in the correct manner in the right temperature, environment and equipment.
  • Understanding of the food combinations and food allergies.
  • Understand how to keep the customers safe from food poisoning and bacteria.
  • Effective pest control measures.

Popular Food safety certifications in Poland with norms and other countries.

  • BRC – British Retail Consortium
  • HACCP – Hazards Analysis and Critical Control Points
  • FSSC 22000 – Food Safety Certification
  • IFS – International Food Standard
  • ISO 22000 – Food Safety Management System

Now the questions arise why some businesses or organisations go for the food safety certification. Food safety certificates give assurance to the customers that some particular organisation’s products meet the requirements of the national and international standards of the food management. This certificate will be beneficial for the food businesses because they have a competitive market.

Benefits of Food Safety Certification in Poland :

Food safety standard is one of the common requirements for those who want to do the food business. If you are fully certified then you will enjoy the following benefits :

  • Properly food safety certified organisation will consistently produce safe, healthier and Quality food products that will meet all the customers expectations.
  • A fully certified organisation will easily demonstrate all the processes when the management is meeting with its legal responsibilities related to food safety and regulation.
  • An organised organization has employees aware of all the food safety measures and concern before it become larger problem.
  • A certificated organisation aware of the legal requirement of the particular country and origin.
  •  A certified organisation works in the world market by reducing the barriers to international trade.
  • After the certification the customer will get confidence in the organisation and its products.
  • Products of the certified organisation are accepted globally.

Barriers for the Food Organisations to get the Food Safety Standards in Poland as per Norms:

Barriers for the food organisations to get the Food Safety Certifications in Poland as per their Norms :

  • Financial Problem 
  • Inexperienced employees
  • Time consuming to find a suitable certification body
  • Require Huge funding 
  • No Knowledge is required for implementing quality and safety system
  • Lack of awareness regarding food safety certification
  • Advance training required
  • Difficult for small organisations