Which QMS ISO Certification is for the Facility Management System ?

Which QMS ISO Certification is for the Facility Management System

The QMS ISO Certification is 41001 for the Facility Management System-

Quality management demands delivering and overseeing all the activities that must be performed to maintain a desired level of excellence. Every that surrounds us and makes things easy for us comes under the facility, such as safety, infrastructure and real estate.

How can we decide which business is more reliable and effective in delivering the needed facilities?

There is one ISO Certification that can give you all the necessary information regarding the facility management of an industry, which is ISO 41001 Facility Management System.

Before understanding, what is ISO 41001 Facility Management System, we need to understand what is facility management ?

Facility management is an organisational function which concentrates on delivering and integrating people, places and processes within the industry to improve the quality, productivity and efficiency of the organization.

What is ISO 410001 Certification?

  • ISO 41001 Facility Management System, also known as FMS. ISO 41001 is an international standard published by the International Organisation for Standardisation for effectively executing facility management system in an organisation.The Framework of this certification is the same as the ISO 9001. ISO 14001 and ISO 45001. It integrates different entities within the business to make the management system easier.It exhibits efficient and adequate delivery of facility management that satisfies the needs of the demanding industry. It applies to organisations of any size and sector regardless of their nature and geographical location, that want leverage in the industry.It is a hallmark of trust that ensures the quality and efficiency of the organisation. It aims to meet customer requirements and the necessities of the interested entities.

Benefits of ISO 41001 Certification?

  • It helps in improving workers’ safety, well-being and security. Getting ISO 41001 certified ensures that the organisation complies with all the legal requirements.
  • We all know that the better the working environment higher the productivity. Providing a safe and quality working environment is one of the top priority. It improves the productivity and efficiency of the organisation, and it gives priority to the working conditions of the employees.
  • ISO 41001 Certification enhances the strategic planning to meet customer requirements and promotes tactical operations.
  • It provides you with an edge over your competitors as it is a piece of evidence that your organisation has effective facility management. It guarantees the quality of services that your industry offers.
  • It focuses on customer satisfaction and aims to deliver quality services to fulfil the needs and requirements of the demanding entities.
  • It is a hallmark of trust and quality that your services are top-notch and exhibit services consistencies.
  • ISO 41001 is a legal requirement that encourages sustainability and environmental considerations.
  • It is a hallmark of trust and quality that your services are top-notch and exhibit services consistencies.
  • It offers you cost benefits and focuses on increasing productivity and reducing the cost of production. It promotes better use of the organisation’s resources and assets.
  • It helps to increase profits and believes in providing high-quality services to meet customer requirements. ISO 41001 helps your organisation to focus more on revenue-generating practices, in turn, increases the profit margins.

ISO 9001 vs ISO 41001, Which one is the best?

ISO 9001 promotes a quality Management System that ensures high-quality products and services to meet customer requirements, whereas ISO 41001 encourages a Facility Management System and provides a framework to deliver and maintain adequate facilities. ISO 41001 includes ISO 9001 as ISO 9001 makes ISO 41001 more credible and reliable.

Requirements of ISO 41001

It is an internationally accredited standard that shows the adequate application of the facility management system within the organisation by fulfilling specific requirements. It is not a sector-specific certification and applies to all organisations regardless of their size, type and nature.

Get ISO 41001 Certification Process

The ISO 41001 Certification process involves some technical process that needs to be followed.

  • An industry has to develop its Facility Management system and needs to conduct a gap analysis.
  • The organisation needs to provide training and guidance regarding the objectives of the FMS to the employees.
  • An internal audit is done by the consultant while an external audit is done by the certifying body.
  • Then they disclose their observation, and if everything goes rig SIS Certifications ISO 41001 certificate will be valid for three years. ht, they issue a Certificate. SIS Certifications is the ISO 41001 certification provider, and the SIS Certifications ISO 41001 certificate will be valid for three years.
  • The last step is the Conduction of the annual supervision audit.

What is the Cost of ISO 41001 Certification?

ISO 41001 is globally known to provide a framework for a facility management system, and ISO 41001 Certification cost depends on your service provider as well as your business.

It depends on the size of your organisation and includes two types of costs.

  1. Consultancy Costing

2. Certification Costing

How can you check the Validity of your 41001 Certification?

You can check the Validity of the ISO 41001 Certification using these options:

  1. You can go to the IAF website and review there,
  2. You can inspect on Regional register online,
  3. You can also check through the website of the ISO Certification body.